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Bingham Ground Services - Playground markings for Primary Schools.


This part of the business has grown substantially over the last two years. These Thermoplastic playground markings can turn a drab uninteresting play space into a vibrant and colourful area that stimulates children to play a multitude of sports and games.


We can offer a variety of playground line markings such as Netball courts or Five a side football pitch through to playground games such as Hopscotch and target games.


Sensory play ground designs including, colours, patterns and various shapes have been seen to help improve a childs social interaction and cognitive function. 


A varied play surface created through playground markings creates a choice for children, encouraging organisation skills.


These designs have developed over time and we used to use a playground markings paint, this has now been replaced by Thermoplastic playground markings, what this involves is laying out the markings in their solid form and then melting them to create a permanent mark.


We offer the complete playground design service and can advice on best use of your playground surface and advise on what markings can be used, the state of the tarmac does have an impact on what we can install.


We install playground markings all throughout the nation.


If you would like to know more about playground markings please do get in touch.