Enclosed MUGA, Derbyshire

Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire

Fully fenced Multi Use Games Area - The perfect place to play.


The pictured MUGA was installed by our team at a local venue. It is fully fenced off allowing for a secure, safe play area where a multitude of sports can be played. 


About the job!


This synthetic play surface was installed directly onto a pre-existing tarmac sports pitch base. This had huge benefits to the play area!


The minimal ground works needed meant it was a highly cost effective method for the client to gain a user friendly sports surface..


For this particular project, the client requested a durable and hard wearing play surface, to replace the existing Tarmac surface. The client wished to replace the old tarmac for something more forgiving, as they found it very harsh.


Con's of a Tarmac Surface for play!


While there are many a Tarmac sports pitch still out there, they are definitely a dieing thing. This is due to its bland, monotonal and very unforgiving nature vs. the modern day alternatives.


A tarmac surface has zero give in it, which if a person/ child were to fall onto it hard, would result in a much higher chance of a break o at least injury. 


You have no option but to have painted lines on a tarmac surface, which as we discuss further down wont last half the time of built in surface lines.


Unless you paint the Tarmac surface after install, which still wouldn't last too long, you only have a monotone pallette of colours to work with.


The job in hand!


As the original base was staying, we spent some time cleaning it, to ensure nothing would prevent the new surface from fitting properly.


The shock pads were then laid into place and secured and then the needle punch multi use play surface. The lines were cut into the surface and a contrast colour was fitted into the line void, to create a durable finish.


This method creates a much longer lasting finish than painted lines. 


The lines can be fitted to suite a vast array of sports and come in several different colours as required.


This multi use pitch is created using an artificial sand filled surface offering a durable, yet forgiving play area.


Completed with fencing, lines and also nets for a variety of different sports and games this project really shows of the capabilities of our sand filled MUGAs.


The sand filled surface our clients chose requires the lowest amount of maintenance..... Simply re-dress and drag the sand to cover the full area..... job done!


Job Done!


We have a highly skilled and fully trained team of operatives, all with DBS certificates, to carry out the works! 


Please dont hesitate, get in touch today! 

  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire
  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire
  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire
  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire
  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire
  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire
  • Enclosed MUGA in Derbyshire