Sandall Park, Doncaster

Slide surface.

Bringing life back to play!


Installed in November 2021, by our expert team for a local Park in Doncaster. 


The council contacted us to help replace the existing messy area surrounding the Slide at the park.



From Dreary to Delightful


Due to a lot of heavy traffic on the site, the existing surface surrounding the slide had become a bit worse for wear and was well in need of a restoration! 


After discussions with the client, we decided that the best solution would be to install a new surface of Notts Sward® 1150 play surface to the areas.


The new Play surface was installed on top of a new stone sub base with timber edging, to give the best drainage and avoid any muddy areas developing through the surface.


As a sand filled surface, it's harder wearing than others and proven to reduce slipping in play areas.


Due to the irregular shape and erosion on 1 side of the mound, it was decided that an extra area of surface would also be installed, to create an even safer area for the children to enjoy.


This new surface installation has now provided the park with a cleaner, much more appealing play area for the children again! 


As an added bonus, all our play surfaces are supplied by a UK firm and come complete with a full warranty.



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  • Slide tower surface back side view.
  • Slide & steps Surface right side view close up.
  • Slide surface front view.
  • Slide & steps Surface right side view.
  • Slide surface front/ right view.
  • Slide & steps surface left side view.