Games area Overlays

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Overlaying existing sports pitches & tennis courts is a great way to get a new outdoor playground surface without all the associated hassle of ground works!


The surface chosen for playground safety surfacing forms an integral part of any sports and play development. All our surface options offer a safer, cleaner and much more durable alternative to most other playground surfaces.


Your design options are endless. what you want, is what you get! 


The process of having your pre-existing sports/ playground flooring overlaid starts with an assessment of your current area. This allows us to calculate the extent of what work is required to give you the perfect Play Surface overlay.


Once the area has been assessed and a works plan calculated, the most common route from here is the process of removing any existing damaged/ aging play surface, and making the area good. 


The existing playground surface will then be thoroughly cleaned and repaired if needed in readiness for the new playground turf installation. This is then directly laid onto the existing Tarmac/ Wet pour base. The newly installed playground overlay will provide a cushioned playground surface, perfect for a wide variety of uses.





This is a very cost effective way of creating a new sports court!


We can even install Shock pads underneath the new Needle punch carpet, should the need arise.


If you wanted an alternative to the popular Needle punch playground turf, we can also install a 3G surface, depending on your requirements (exact surface requirements will be discussed at the start of the whole process).


Out with the Old and In with the New!


Replacing old with new playground surface options also cuts down the install time and removes the need for any large plant on site. This method too can be done all year round, even when the weather isn't great. We take our work very seriously, and promise we won't make a mess of your field or garden!


As always, we can provide whichever sports markings you require, built into the surface rather than painted on, meaning they won't fade over time with use.


The variety of colours we have available for the top surface is extensive, making your MUGA surfacing a pleasant and interesting area for children and adults alike.


MUGA sports and play surfaces all meet current safety standards and come with a manufactures warranty!  We pride ourselves in offering only the best service to schools and sports centers alike. 


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References are available on request.


*All our staff are DBS checked, for your peace of mind*